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We were extremely pleased with the job that your company did. They were here on time, worked hard and left the house clean - no messes!! We will not hesitate to recommend your company.

- M. Torres

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Company Malibu

Our list of commercial clientele is extensive. Our thousands of satisfied customers own or manage facilities such as schools, hospitals, laundromats, apartment buildings, and factories of all types and sizes. This is a small sample of the many types of systems that we have cleaned over the years. We have state of the art commercial vacuum equipment to handle any type of job. We have truck mounted and portable equipment that will allow us to reach the 50th floor of any building if required. Our commercial duct cleaning procedure includes: material and labor to clean and decontaminate all ductwork and components. We then inspect the duct system for possible air leaks and defective fusible links and report our findings to your company representative.

Truck Mount
Vacuum system utilizing 20 000 cfm of suction velocity and 250 psi of compressed air pressure to clean any type of system whether it be fresh air supply, dryer exhaust or heating/cooling systems.

Portable Equipment
Our system enables us to clean the impossible. With this system we are able to clean duct systems in townhouse complexes with no driveways, condominiums up to 50 floors high, attic insulation removal and many other systems.

Heavy Vacuuming
Industrial-type vacuums specially designed for the duct cleaning industry to remove any material from ceilings, beams, pipes, light fixtures, etc.

Attic Insulation Removal
Our technicians are trained to carefully remove all types of insulation from homes and commercial facilities. This procedure is ideal when adding a second floor to an existing home.

HVAC Maintenance / Filter Change Service
Our full-service maintenance packages include a thorough inspection of your roof-top HVAC equipment including a full written report on our findings and on the condition of your equipment; a complete and very thorough cleaning of all components of each unit (including fans, coils, filters, all compartments, etc.), and regularly scheduled air filter replacement or cleaning of filters as required. You'll also find our pricing for this service to be most reasonable.


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